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This Egg Mold Turns Your Breakfast Into A Pirate Adventure

You can get this fun mold that will turn your boring eggs into a fun, not-so-spooky pirate skull, and I have to get it!

TheKawaiiKitchenShop on Etsy

I have the pickiest eaters on the entire face of the planet. I mean, they won’t eat “normal” kid foods like macaroni and cheese, tacos, pizza, or cheeseburgers. Pretty much, the only way I can get them to eat ANYTHING is to make it fun, or disguise it in some ingenious way.

Anytime I can make mealtime just a LITTLE easier on myself, I will do so in a heartbeat! You wouldn’t believe how many little kitchen gadgets I have to try to make food fun. Ha! I even have plates that turn dinnertime into a game!

Courtesy of Amazon

So, when I saw this awesome egg mold, I jumped on the chance to throw it in my virtual cart! I mean, Pirate eggs? Yes, Please!!

TheKawaiiKitchenShop on Etsy

This mold is made of food-grade silicone, so it is perfect to use in a hot pan, without ruining the pan or the mold, if you use it correctly.

? Silly eyes skull silicone frying pan mold.
? Easy to clean.
? Reusable, food grade silicone.
? Great for kids!

TheKawaiiKitchenShop on Etsy
TheKawaiiKitchenShop on Etsy

This pirate skull mold is sectioned off into several different areas, so the egg can flow into the correct shape of the perfect pirate skull!

It measures about 5 inches by 5 inches, so it is just the perfect size to crack 2 fried eggs into, and make them into a fun pirate skull breakfast — or dinner, I’m not here to judge when you eat eggs. That’s your business. LOL!

Wouldn’t this be just perfect for a fun Halloween breakfast?? Gah! I love it.

You can get this Pirate Skull Egg Mold on the TheKawaiiKitchenShop on Etsy. It will only cost you 7 bucks, and is totally reusable!!

This Etsy shop has over 6,300 sales, and a 5 star rating, so you KNOW they have fantastic products, and they have fab customer service!

Now, if you go to the site, and it says “This shop is taking a short break,” never fear. They mean they are taking like a week off — just enough time to go to Disney World! But, they will be back to selling fun kitchen gadgets before you know it.

You can get an email when they are back in action. Just sign up on TheKawaiiKitchenShop site.