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Have All Of Your Friends Turned Into Pixar Looking Characters? Here’s How To Do It!

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All of my social media was covered by with images and videos of my friends as characters that looked like Pixar creations!

It was adorable and I had no idea how they were doing it.


Well, the other day I decided to play with Snapchat again, I’m really not all that familiar with it and I accidentally turned myself into one of the cute characters!

Brandy (It’s me!)

Look at me, I’m adorable!

Yep, there I was staring back wide eyed at myself as the cutest cartoon versional of myself.

It was mind blowing to me the way my face would move as I changed expressions!

You can use it to snap a photo, or even create a video with you moving and everything.

On Snapchat the lens is labeled as “Cartoon 3D Style, you can use it on yourself and then save it to use other places.

Some people are even using the “Cartoon 3D Style” on scenes from movies and the results are insanely amazing!

jemiaule – TikTok (Scene from “Sister Act”)

It’s almost scary how this all works!

Even though the lens is from Snapchat, the images and videos can be uploaded on other social media sites.

This is why TikTok is filed with creators in their animated form.

I even set a few silly videos of myself to my friends through Facebook messenger to give them a good laugh.

The filter is not affiliated with Pixar in any way, but the animation style is very similar to the well-known one.

This filter uses an AR technology (augmented reality) to get the effect.

Here’s How To Make Yourself Into A Cartoon Today!

First, of you all, you have to have Snapchat.

Like I said I don’t know a lot about using the app, but I do like to play with the filters.

I originally downloaded the SnapChat app to play with the “No Beard” filter on my husband, it was hilarious!

Secondly you need to locate the filter when you are on the camera portion of the app, it’s called “Cartoon 3D Style”.

Brandy (It’s me!)

Mine was right there and I accidentally clicked it because I have fat thumbs.

If you have trouble, you can click on the smile button at the bottom and then search “Cartoon 3D Style”.

Once you’ve got the filter it will complete transform your face into a cartoon version of you!

You can choose to have a round face or a long face, however, the app will choose the one that suits your face best at first.

Strike a pose, and snap an image… or pick a song and record yourself!

Pull up your favorite movie scene and turn the characters into cartoons it with the app.

It’s actually quite entertaining and I am enjoying playing with the filter with my kids.

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