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This Hack Will Ensure You’ll Never Pay Full Price For A Pizza At Domino’s Again

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Pizza sounds so good right now.

But, I don’t feel like paying the money it takes to get a large 3-topping pizza. It’s going to be a solid 20 bucks, and I’m cheap.

Luckily, there is a hack for getting 40% off your pizza at Domino’s — which happens to be my favorite pizza joint.

Mmmmm. Thin crust pizza with mushrooms, onions, and pepperoni. My mouth is legit watering.

Thanks to Jordan_the_Stallion8, the unofficial President of the Fast Food Secrets Club, we now know the trick to getting cheaper pizzas, and I love him for it!


As is typical in his videos, he is cracking a fast food secret. And, in this case, it’s Domino’s Pizza.

Check out this hack for 40% off pizza from Domino’s Pizza

Jordan says you want to make sure you order your pizza ONLINE for “CARRY OUT.” Meaning, you’re going to pick it up.


Suck it up, buttercup, and walk yourself inside the pizza shop. You’re getting a cheap pizza after all.

Now, the first code is for a LARGE, 3-TOPPING pizza. If you don’t have 3 toppings that you love, make one of them extra cheese.

Before you actually hit the button to pay for the pizza, you are going to type in the following coupon code: 9174.

This will get you 40% off your large, 3-topping pizza. Genius, right!!


If you happen to want a medium pizza, here’s what you do.

Again, order the pizza ONLINE for “CARRY OUT.”

You want to order a MEDIUM Pizza with 5 Toppings. The choices here are endless!!

Before you bust out your credit card and pay for your pizza, enter the code 5162.

This code will get you 40% off a medium, 5-topping pizza.


I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!!

You can watch Jordan’s TikTok Pizza Hack video HERE.


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