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‘Plazacore’ Is The Hot New Trend For Fall And Here’s How To Get It

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It wasn’t very long ago, we were telling you about the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic. It was super cute, but the world has already moved on.

And, now the trendy thing is the Plazacore — also known as the Plaza Princess — aesthetic.

👗 The Hot New Plazacore Trend

Haven’t heard of it? I hadn’t either, but Plazacore is the HOT new look for fall, so pay attention.

This aesthetic gets its name from the famous “Plaza” hotel in New York.

Who immediately comes to mind when you mention the “Plaza?” Eloise, of course.

That rambunctious, slightly spoiled, always in fashion little girl that runs around the hotel creating a whirlwind in her wake.

Eloise is the main inspiration for this aesthetic with her signature black and white uniform, constantly decked out in accessories and with the attitude to pull it all off.


When you think of the Plazacore aesthetic, you should think rich, extravagant, exclusivity, and lavish.

Think of [Plazacore] as Eloise all grown up with a little sprinkle of [Blair Waldorf] and, if you’re cultured, [American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington].


Why is the Plaza Princess anyway? She’s elegant and eccentric. Ladylike but with a strong personality. Her outfits are unexpected but still rooted in tradition.


So how do you get this look? We have some ideas for you below.

Plazacore Ideas

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