Pokémon Cereal Exists So Get Ready To Catch ‘Em All At Breakfast

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Pika, pika chu!

Courtesy of @the_cerealking

Pokémon isn’t the only thing you’ll want to catch since now, General Mills has released Pokémon cereal that I have feeling many Pokémon enthusiasts will want to hunt down in the grocery store.


The brightly colored box is starting to hit Walmart shelves and is a classic image of Pikachu right on the front.


There’s even Pokémon trivia on the back for those Saturday mornings when you’re sitting at the table, crunching on the cereal and reading the back of the box for entertainment.


The Berry Bolt flavor is made up of crunchy blue, purple, and red cereal bites with Pikachu shaped and thunder bolt marshmallow bits.


According to some, the taste is similar to Cap’n Crunch Berries and Trix cereal from a recent post from @snackfeeds.


You can currently get the new Pokémon cereal at Walmart for just under $4 to try it for yourself!


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