Pokemon Go: Next-Gen Dating App?

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Pokemon and dating. Who ever expected to see those two words together? Not me, that’s for sure. Not until I actually met a guy playing Pokemon, I’m not even kidding, this totally happened. I’ve spent my entire life hiding in my room in front of my computer playing video games, and happily chatting away with people I knew I’d never meet. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy with it… most of the time… I won’t lie, it’s kind of a lonely life. A lot of us actually want to be social, we just don’t know how. We spent so much time hiding that we never really got the chance to learn, and one game has completely flipped the script for gamers everywhere.

pokemon master

Pokemon Go: Next-Gen Dating App?

I’ve met a few guys through gaming, even moved across America to be with one of them. It didn’t work out, but I can thank gaming for giving me the opportunity to explore what felt like a whole new world, away from the safety of my cave.

The issue with using gaming as a way to meet people is that you generally meet them far away, and if you kind of think you like them, one of you has to make a pretty big commitment in order to just get to know each other better. This is where Pokemon Go comes in.

My cousin, you might know her – Jamie? Yeah, she’s obsessed with this game, too. She and her husband found a sweet spot in the square where you can basically sit and farm Pokemon for… well, ever, if you wanted. So, being the wonderful family they are, they shared the wealth.

The three of us are sitting on the steps, of the courthouse, happily farming Pokemon, and I get the chance to look around. Nerds, nerds everywhere. Hundreds of them, literally. Like a nerd-pocalypse, all wandering around, pale and bleary-eyed, talking with each other, meeting new people. You can overhear a conversation, and instantly have something in common with the person near you, and jump right in! What a day to be alive!

A couple of guys made a Facebook page for the Pokemon Go players in our area, and began asking people to join, and those people invited their friends, and so on until there was a pretty large number of people on the group. We were all posting, inviting each other to meet up and play, and just having the grandest time together!

As the days went on, the paler skinned had begun to burn, their eyes had started to adjust to the sunlight, the recluse were no longer hiding in seclusion. I started noticing less and less single players wandering alone, looking for friends, and more couples walking together on the square. Just like that, it dawned on me. Pokemon Go has become the Tinder for nerds (only, we swipe up instead of left or right).

denton square

For those of us who are terrified of asking someone out on a real date, the game has completely taken the pressure off. “Hey, I’m at the square, wanna come catch Pokemon with me?” That’s not so daunting a question, and you don’t have to worry about looking, or even smelling good (trust me, outdoors in Texas, we all pretty much smell like death).

Bonus round! I was happily scrolling Facebook, and met a cute guy (from my hometown!!) who plays Pokemon as much as I do (that’s really saying something), and we started chatting. Can I mention that this guy is a retired Sergeant in the Army? Of course I immediately invited him to come play Pokemon with me, and for about three days that’s all we did. As soon as I got out of class, we were at the park. So Wednesday rolls around, he texts me and asks me on a real date, a “cliche date” as he put it. I mean, hello! Cute Pokemon master? The answer was obvious.

So it’s Friday, aka, Date Day. We had dinner, we watched the new Star Trek movie (Jaylah is a total badass!), and then… well, now what? I wasn’t ready to go home, but I’m not the kind of girl to go to his house on the first date, no way José! So we’re walking back to the car, and I’m mulling this over in my head, what are my options here? It’s still kind of early, and it’s a Friday…  I don’t date much, so what do I do? Oh right! We both love Pokemon Go! “Hey, wanna go to the square with me and hunt Pokemon?” Date extended. Mission accomplished.

This game has given us introverts a way to gently introduce ourselves to the rest of society, diminished the fear of rejection, added new a first-date setting, and it’s basically the best thing ever. Seriously. I’m expecting a baby boom. And I’m guessing a lot of kids named Ash.

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