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Pokemon Squishmallows Have Been Released In The Wild So, Get Ready to Catch ‘Em All

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Y’all — Pokemon Squishmallows have actually been spotted in stores. Yes, I’m serious right now!!

If I had to name 2 things that my son was obsessed with, it would be 1) Pokemon and 2) Squishmallows.

Unfortunately, when it came to Christmas shopping this year, there was NO WAY to get your hands on a Pikachu Squishmallow — the thing he wanted most.

That is, unless you wanted to fork out upwards of $200 for the elusive Pokemon Squishmallows on eBay.

No, thank you!!

We were promised a Pokemon / Squishmallow collab last summer.

It happened, but you probably weren’t able to nab them before those second-hand vendors scooped them up.

Side Note: There’s a special place for those second-hand vendors that price gouge the heck out of products … but that’s for another time.

The Squishmallow Pokemon gods are finally smiling down on us poor Squishmallow-less folk.

Pokemon Squishmallows Are Now In Stores

Pikachu and Gengar Squishmallows are actually showing up in stores, and adults and kids alike are shouting for joy.

People have spotted these Squishies at Walmart — but not EVERY Walmart has them yet.

If you live in Ohio and Washington, there is a really good chance that your local Walmart has these Pokemon Squishmallows in stock.

We assume that they are going to roll these Squishies out across the country, but there is really no good way to tell if your Walmart has them in stock.

You just have to go up there and see for yourself.

If you find them, PLEASE don’t buy them up just to throw them on eBay.

Don’t be that person.

What do you think? Are you stalking your local Walmart to see if they have Pokemon Squishmallows?

Let us know if you find them near you.

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