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Police Are Investigating A Picture Taken of A Man Who Looks A ‘heck’ of a Lot Like Brian Laundrie

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As the days pass, the story of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie just keeps getting stranger and stranger…

A few days ago it was announced that Brian Laundrie had gone “missing” according to his parents. While Gabby’s parents are convinced he is hiding instead.

Nonetheless, the search has been on to find both Gabby and Brian.


While the last two search efforts conducted over the last few days, haven’t found Brian, someone may have seen him just walking around the neighborhood where his parents live.

According to reports, 18-year-old passerby Zachary Randazzo, was driving around Targee Ave in North Port on Friday, which is two blocks away from the family home.

He spotted a man that looks just like Brian Laundrie and snapped a picture (shown below).

This picture was taken at around 5 pm, an hour and a half before investigators showed up at the family home after Laundrie’s attorney reported him missing.

Now, it’s hard to say it’s actually him because it’s a picture of a picture BUT it does look just like him.

Some notice an arm tattoo on the left side of his arm and claim that Brian doesn’t have that so it can’t be him.

truecrimecanon – Instagram

However, people get tattoos all the time OR he could have put on a fake tattoo (there are some going around on social media that look super real) to throw off people. Who knows?!

In fact, police are investigating this picture and have said it looks a “heck” of a lot like him.

Aside from this picture, A 20-minute Facebook Live taken outside Brian Laundrie’s home on Friday also captures neighbors speaking about how some people have reportedly spotted a young man coming through the woods behind the house.

Lets hope they find him so they can hopefully get some answers on what happened to Gabby.

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