Poodle Cats Are A Real Thing And I Am Obsessed

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This is not a drill!! Poodle cats exist — and OMG — I need one!!

I swear, they look just like the stuffed animals that cluttered my bed when I was little!!

I always hoped and wished that my kitty stuffed animals would come to life, but I never actually dreamed they would!

But, just look at these cute little guys — Gah!! I could scoop them up and cuddle them all.

Now, I have to be honest — I was bit by an old poodle doggo when I was little, and I’ve hated them ever since — but POODLE cats are an entirely different thing!!

Poodle cats are actually an entirely new real breed of cats — and I absolutely couldn’t love them any more.

Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna have properly identified the Selkirk as a real breed.


And, y’all, their whiskers are even curly!! I can’t right now with the cuteness overload!

As you can imagine — if you’ve ever had to deal with curly hair — these little dudes need a bit more upkeep than normal — brushing, washing, and petting (okay, maybe I added that last one) to keep their fur from getting all matted up.

But really, who cares! I’d gladly spend a bit of extra grooming time on these little kitties!

The way these cats came to be is a pretty cool story.

According to HuffPost, these cats have only been around since 1987.

Up in Montana, a feral cat gave birth to a litter of 5 kitties — but breeders noticed that one of the cats looked different from the others.

It had curly hair and curly whiskers — something none of its brothers and sisters exhibited.

Turns out, this was a spontaneous genetic mutation– a DOMINANT trait — which means when the breeder decided to mate the kitty with a Persian cat, the curly hair and whiskers were passed on to the babies.

And, the Selkirk Rex breed was born!

These cats can be long haired, short haired, and even have varying fur color — but if you are allergic to cats, this breed might not be for you. *Sad Face*

They have dense fur — which makes them super soft — but isn’t great if you have an aversion to cat hair.

I don’t know, maybe you will risk the sneezes, stuffy nose, and puffy eyes to own one of these adorable cats!

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  1. Poodle cats are just Devon rexes. They are not a new breed of cat. Lol.

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