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Home Depot Is Selling A Pool Noodle That Lights Up And It’s Perfect For Night Swimming

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This Lighted Pool Noodle is the perfect summertime pool accessory, and you are going to want a pool full of them!

Home Depot

It’s almost summertime, and you know what that means!

Fun in the pool — ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

One of my favorite things to lounge in the pool with is the pool noodle.

They are so simple, keep you afloat and upright, and are totally easy to store.

Wait until you see what we have found!!

This Light-Up Pool Noodle is perfect for those evening pool parties, when you want to have fun in the pool at dusk or after dark!

Home Depot

This isn’t like your TYPICAL pool noodle, in that it isn’t open at both sides.

You know what that means — no SNAKES can hide inside, just waiting to make a surprise appearance at your pool party.

Enhance your pool and brighten up play time with this LED lighted pool noodle. Create an ambiance sure to be a conversation starter among pool guests. It features six color changing micro LED lights that change continuously from red to green to pink to blue to purple.

Home Depot

Each lighted pool noodle is a frosted clear color, and you can see the LED lights shine through from the inside.

Home Depot

The noodles do require batteries to light up the night — 3 ‘AAA’ batteries, to be exact.

You can easily turn these beautiful light-up pool noodles on and off with the switch that is inside the valve.

Home Depot

They also come with a PVC repair kit, for those little bumps and bruises that tend to happen to all pool equipment.

It is important to note that these are NOT life-saving devices — they are simply to be a fun addition to your summer fun in the pool.

You can get your own Lighted Pool Noodle on the Home Depot website.

They only run 17 bucks a piece, and you will want to fill your pool with them this summer.

Home Depot

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