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People Are Turning Their Pool Noodles Into Coral Reefs And It’s Genius

Pool noodles were designed to keep humans afloat, but did you also know that you can use the spares that aren’t doing a job in the pool and turn them into an inexpensive craft?

Individuals are using spare pool noodles as decoration.

Courtesy of @littleavenuel

Whether you’re planning an under the sea birthday bash or looking to decorate the pool in the back, people are turning their old pool noodles into coral reef masterpieces!

Courtesy of @hookspartyoffive

Like many pool noodle crafts, this project requires minimal supplies including only a box cutter, wire hangers and of course, colorful pool noodles.

Courtesy of @mermaid_morgan_

Using a box cutter, create spiral designs in each pool noodle so that every foam noodle looks similar to seaweed.

Then, thread each spiral pool noodle onto a wire metal hanger which you can bend to create various shapes and sizes.

Courtesy of @christinescoastaltreasures

Once finished, the noodles should be able to stand upright on their own thus creating, a coral reef!

Courtesy of @ballerinasmama

Some people have even added an extra step including a foundation at the bottom like a box, to place each lookalike seaweed pool noodle to complete the look!

Courtesy of @charlirahe