This Pop-Up Ornament Storage Might Just Be the Most Convenient Way to Store Your Christmas Ornaments

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Every other Christmas, an ornament breaks.

And whether that’s because of the cat or improperly storing your bulbs correctly from last year, who’s going to tell grandma her homemade bulb has shattered?

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So in order to prevent the fate of last year’s Christmas, there’s an easier way to store your ornaments so when you search for your collection next year, each bulb is perfectly whole.

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Dubbed the Adjustable Telescoping Ornament Storage or in other words, a pop-up storage bin that safely stores your precious tree decor.

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A compact storage box with layers of storage, each section of this pop-up can fit a variety of ornaments that aren’t just round.

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As a whole, this holiday storage unit can fit up to 120 bulbs and also includes wheels at the bottom for easy maneuver around the house.

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The inside, is also dust-free from the poly-blend cover and thanks to the telescoping feature, each layer can be pulled up to see the next tray of ornaments below it or can be removed completely.

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You can find the convenient Pop-Up Ornament Storage currently on Amazon this holiday season.

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