This New Popcorn Is Coated In Chocolate Drizzle and Mini M&M’s And I Need Some In My Life

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Apparently I know nothing about snacking, since I didn’t even know combing mini M&M’s and popcorn was a popular food trend!

Although I should admit that the two together sound pretty good and I’m definitely hopping on the end of this train and trying the combo tonight.


However, if you want to save yourself the trouble of buying microwavable popcorn and a few tubes of mini M$M’s, you’ll want a bag of Snack Pop who does all the work for you.


Snack Pop already has a bag combining the sweet and salty snack with a chocolate drizzle as a bonus.

Even the description doesn’t hold back on the delicious flavor.


“Two of America’s favorite snacks are teaming up to take on your taste buds as we deliver the delicious taste of M&M’s candy in a light, crunchy popcorn package! It’s an incredibly satisfying combo that’s big on flavor, low in calories, and guaranteed to surprise and delight snackers of all ages, the description says.”

Snack Pop

If you’re starting to feel hungry like I am after reading that very detailed description, you can order a bag for yourself in a 2 or 8 pack for $7.98 or $29.99.

If you don’t feel like waiting on shipping, you can also purchase the M&M’S Candy Pop at Sam’s Club in a variety pack, stated a rep who confirmed to Best Products. There will also be a 20 ounce party size bag sold at Sam’s Club coming this fall.


The 8 count pack sounds like a good start to try this snack combination.


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