Amazon Just Dropped The Price On The Popular Nugget Ice Maker and It’s For Serious Ice Chewers

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Calling all ice chewers!

You know that fancy homemade ice maker you hear people talk about? The one that makes those perfect little nugget ice cubes?

Well, move over Sonic or Chick-fil-A because Amazon just dropped the price on it so now you can make all the nugget ice you want at home!!

This fancy AF ice machine is called the GE Profile Opal and it makes you all the bite-sized ice your little heart could desire.

Now, normally this ice machine is closer to $600 (yes, I know, pricey but worth it) but right now, for Amazon Prime Day, Amazon has it listed for $100 off!! Ahhh!!

It is a prime exclusive deal meaning you need a prime membership to get it so make sure you use your prime membership (or beg someone you know to use theirs).

You can grab The Opal Ice Machine Here.

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