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My Favorite Pregnancy-Safe Essential Oils

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Having a baby is such an exciting time–and you want to do EVERYTHING perfect…or at least I do…can’t really speak for you. So, before I do anything (and I mean ANYTHING–even clean house or treat allergies), I try to do some research. And since this is my second pregnancy, I’ve identified my favorite Pregnancy-Safe Essential Oils so your research is just that much easier than mine was!

Pregnancy Safe Essential Oils

During the first trimester of pregnancy, experts (I will go ahead and say that I am not an expert as I push my glasses up my nose anyway) say not to use essential oils. So, as soon as you find out, stop with the oils for a little while—I know, it’ll kill your typical beauty routine, but just chill! During the second and third trimesters, though, there’s no warnings about oils on the whole–just specific ones. So, lemme share my favorites for use during pregnancy (just the last two-thirds…lol!).

My Favorite Pregnancy-Safe Essential Oils:

  • Valor (Young Living Blend) – for a little mental-boost that yes, you can do this.
  • Joy (Young Living Blend) – for, oh I don’t know, because I’m joyful about baby and it seems to set the mood!
  • Roman chamomile – relief for muscle aches and pains…I like to have my husband rub my ankles with it.
  • Ginger – for morning sickness, because I’m a wuss and don’t like to be nauseous…
  • Grapefruit – to keep my belly moist and help keep stretch-marks from happening too bad!

Pregnancy Safe Essential Oils

  • Lavender – to help me sleep soundly at night…or when I want a nap…
  • Lemon – for cleaning EVERYTHING (toilets, floors, counters–not in that order, though…).
  • Rose – because it smells fantastic and just straight-up makes me happy.
  • Theives (Young Living Blend) – not only for cleaning, but also for keeping icky illness for spreading to me!
  • Ylang ylang – keeping my household calm and easy so baby-in-my-belly grows happy.

Young Living (where I get my essential oils) states: See individual label directions or check with a health professional before using essential oils if you have a serious medical condition or are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. DO NOT use wild tansy, clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen, or hyssop during pregnancy.

Here's everything you need to get started with essential oils

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