How to Prepare for Baby’s First Fever

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There’s a lot of “firsts” when it comes to having a baby. And a TON of those firsts are scary. But if you’re prepared, it can make it a little less stressful for you and for baby. One “first” I’m totally prepared for with the newest addition (coming this April!) is Baby’s First Fever.

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I love being prepared–especially for the things that really stress my family. And having a sick kiddo is one of the worst stressors. So, when I saw the idea for this sick bucket, I knew I needed to make-up some little sicky-packs of my own.

What’s in my Baby’s First Fever Pack:

  1. Thermometers. Dad decided that being prepared for baby’s first fever wasn’t enough–I should prepare for him to have one, too! LOL! So, there’s the baby’s thermometer (rectal) and Dad’s thermometer (under tongue–and yes, it’s Spongebob). Our house is full of funny.
  2. Petroleum jelly. Um, if we’re using a rectal thermometer on baby, I’m at least going to be nice about it. It’s the least I can do at that point.
  3. Acetaminophen in both liquid, pill and suppository forms. Liquid is the obvious one and the pills are for Dad again. The suppository option is important so that if baby won’t or can’t take it by mouth (if she’s just tight lipped or throwing-up or whatever).
  4. Clean syringe. This to help baby take medicine and I never can find a clean one when I want it. So, if there’s one in the fever pack, I have no worries!
  5. Electrolyte drink. One thing I know from being sick myself is that I need something to drink, but I just don’t feel like having a bunch of water. So, those yummy electrolyte drinks they make for sick babies and kids? This is when I break mine out to keep baby hydrated.
  6. Clean nasal aspirator. I have like 30 of these wandering around the house, because I never can seem to find one. But when my daughter had her first fever, it was with that awful RSV virus, so I needed one desperately. Now, I always know where to find one.
  7. Alcohol Swabs. We clean thermometers every time we use them. Seems like a good habit.
  8. Keep it in a plastic bag. We keep it all in a clear bag so that we can see what is in it and not be searching. We do that a lot, but when baby’s feeling icky, I wanna be on-point.
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Questions I had when my first baby had her very first fever:

  • What kind of thermometer do I use get the most accurate temperature? I totally knew she wouldn’t keep one under her tongue, but there’s lots of options. My pediatrician told me that the most accurate way to take baby’s temp is rectally. I KNOW! But, if you’re in a pickle and really need to know, doing it the most accurate way is best.

  • What temperature is really a fever and when should I call the pediatrician? Fever in babies starts at 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. My mom kept saying “100 and 3” and I thought that meant 103. It’s not. It’s 100.4, and that’s according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Almost every time there’s a minor emergency in my house, it’s either after the doctor’s office has closed or it’s on the weekend, so I hate calling the pediatrician at home. But sometimes, you really have to know if baby is ok. So, when you have a question, just call. They tell me they don’t mind–apparently it’s their job.

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