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‘The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again’ Is Out And The Internet Is Obsessed!

Vanessa Hudgens is back! ‘The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again’ is now streaming on Netflix! Fans have been waiting for the sequel since 2018 and everywhere I look on social media, people are totally obsessed with it!


If you have never watched the first one, you’re going to want to do that now. Vanessa Hudgens plays dual roles as Stacy DeNovo who is a baker from Chicago and also Lady Margaret Delacourt who is a a Duchess that is engaged to a Prince.

Basically, think ‘The Parent Trap’ and you can guess what happens. They meed in Belgravia and you guessed it… they switch places.

In this newest film, they are together once again and heck… why not switch places again right? Sometimes a girl just needs to be someone else to find herself.

Anyone want to switch with me for a bit? Oh… no takers?

But things get a little bit crazy when a 3rd pops in named Lady Fiona, also played by Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, now you have 3 characters that all look alike in one film, what could go wrong?

Fans are currently watching and tweeting, so you may want to avoid spoilers out there on social media and go watch the movie now! Apparently, they even spotted Queen Amber and King Richard with their baby (from the ‘Christmas Prince’ movies on Netflix).

We also just learned that Netflix will be making a third movie that will come out in 2021 for this series! Have you watched ‘The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again’ yet?