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This Printable Christmas Planner Is Everything You’ll Need This Year

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This Christmas while you’re decking the halls and planning for a visit from Ol’ Saint Nick, you should plan some time for yourself, too! I know, I know, you’re thinking there’s no way to have ‘me’ time during the holidays, but you’re wrong! In fact, this printable Christmas planner is everything you’ll need to plan your entire Christmas…and once that’s all done, it’s off to get a massage. Or watch a hockey game, whatevs. Thing is, you can let Christmas be a chore, or you can plan it out and enjoy the season instead…at least until the in-laws show up.

Christmas Planner Cover for Christmas Planning


Printable Christmas Planner

Christmas Dinner


Don’t leave Christmas Dinner to chance. Plan ahead and you’ll have everything on hand when the big day comes. Not only that, but you’ll have more time with the family because you won’t be scrambling to get everything on the table. (Printable Christmas Planner)

Christmas Recipes


Whether it’s recipes handed down from generation to generation, or something Sue in Accounting gave you on the fly, this Christmas Recipes sheet will insure you’ve got a place to store all the favorite recipes this season! (Printable Christmas Planner)

Christmas Shopping


Presents are only part of the story when it comes to Christmas Shopping! There’s also tree decorations, home decor, sales on things you’ve waited all year to buy…keep track of it all with this printable sheet. (Printable Christmas Planner)

Christmas Cards


Sending and receiving Christmas Cards is one of my favorite things of the season. But, there are always those unexpected cards that pop up last minute. Since you don’t want to leave anyone out, plan ahead here! (Printable Christmas Planner)

Thank You Cards

thank you cards

When someone unexpected sends you a present this year, they’re going to love receiving a Thank You Cards in return. It lets them know you’ve received the gift, and that you wanted to thank them personally for thinking about you! (Printable Christmas Planner)

Christmas To Do


Every Christmas there are always a billion things that need to be accomplished, and inevitably that one thing that gets forgotten. Not this year! This Christmas To Do list is going to keep you on track and keep the joy rolling. (Printable Christmas Planner)

Gift List

gift list

Wandering through department stores during the holiday season can be overwhelming. Plan ahead with a Gift List. Know your budget, ideas, and people going in, and you’ll have much more fun hunting down the best bargains! (Printable Christmas Planner)

printable planner for Christmas planning

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