Putting Tiny Hands and Feet On Nails Is The New Beauty Trend We Didn’t Ask For

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File this one under most awkward trend of 2020. People are getting tiny feet and hands stuck on their fingernails, and painted. I really don’t know how to feel right now!

They look almost real, complete with ankle bracelet and red toes!

They do this by putting an acrylic base on the fingernail, and then filing it into the shape that they want.

Then, they paint a clear coat over it, so everything is nice and shiny — no longer rough from the drill.

Okay, this is just getting creepy. They paint the little acrylic toenails red. I’m not sure whether to laugh or hide. LOL!

They paint them up nice, with skin tones, toe knuckles, and they can even do the front back of a foot. I’m not saying it’s weird — but it’s weird.

This is the video of how they made these feet nails — but just wait — it gets more weird.


Just in time for no-shave November. Okay, that was actually a couple months ago, but this look like they are totally rocking the fuzzy look. I’ll let YOU do this look, ‘k? It’s hard enough to shave my legs, let alone my nails! Long hair, don’t care, AMIRITE?!? Ha!


You’ve heard of tiny hands, but this is taking it next level! Move over feet nails — I give you Tiny Hand Nails! She’s even rocking the chunky bracelet.

Courtesy of nail_sunny on Instagram

So, since these are totally on trend for 2020, which one are YOU going to rock? I think I’ll stick with my purple manicure!

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