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Rainbow Colored Blanket Octopuses Exist And They Are Stunning

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There is a gorgeous rainbow-colored creature that has been spotted off the coast of the Philippines, and I am mesmerized just watching it swim through the water!

Courtesy of Brut Nature on Facebook

It has been dubbed the “Blanket Octopus,” because, well, it totally looks like it is wearing a rainbow blanket. See those flowing membranes in between its arms?

It is simply stunning!!

Courtesy of Brut Nature on Facebook

When the Blanket Octopus gets stressed out or feels threatened, it unfolds these membranes, and lets them float back like a long train.

This flowing fabric like membrane makes the Octopus look bigger, and HOPEFULLY scares off those creatures trying to harm it.

Courtesy of Brut Nature on Facebook

Not only does this beauty have gorgeous floating membranes, it can rapidly change colors. This is also thought to ward off predators, but it just makes me love it even more!

Courtesy of Brut Nature on Facebook

It typically inhabits tropical waters, and I’m going to pack my bags now!! What a perfect vacation!! Tropical waters, and rainbow octopods to boot!


Courtesy of Brut Nature on Facebook

Now, these Blanket Octopods are on my bucket list — but you know what ELSE is on my MUST-SEE bucket list?? Bioluminescent water! GORGEOUS!!


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