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You Can Grow Rainbow Colored Corn And It Is Something I Didn’t Know I Needed Until Now

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As someone who grew up in Ohio, I have been around a LOT of corn. One of my chores growing up was shucking corn from the fields and prepping it to cook. Corn has been a HUGE part in my life and I still love eating it!

So to find out now, at the age of 31, that there is rainbow corn!?! My mind has been completely blown. Where has this been my whole life? Can I convince my husband to let me grow corn in our backyard? Does it taste like normal corn? The questions I had were endless!

Sherwoods Seeds

Isn’t this beautiful? It is so hard to believe such a thing exists! I thought it was a decor piece when I first saw a picture of it!


Sherwoods Seeds has an Etsy store that specializes in seeds for these amazing Glass Gem Cherokee Indian Corn Seeds! They have almost 20,000 sales on their site with amazing ratings!

Sherwoods Seeds

They are selling seed packets of 20 for only $4.99! That is an incredible price to be able to grow these beauties!


According to their page:

Glass Gem Corn is the most beautiful corn in the world.

Extremely rare, this unique strain of flint corn was developed by Carl Barnes, who, before his passing, gave these seeds to friends who shared his passion in gardening.

These seeds come directly from our small farm here in Fallsington, PA. We have been growing and breeding corn varieties for years and it has been a pleasure to work with Glass Gem. We have worked to improve the glassiness and color variation in this variety and can now boast 3 different strains including the Glass Gem, Rubies/Amber and Pearls/Sapphires.

Glass Gem is a flint corn which can be made into a decent popcorn or ground into flour. We think it’s so beautiful to simply look at.


Does this mean that if I pop it as popcorn, it’ll be naturally colored rainbow popcorn? That’s it…I have to try this.

Now I just ahve to figure out how to convince my husband. Maybe I can just tell him it’s flower seeds and have an oops.

You can order your Rainbow Corn Seeds Here.


What are your thoughts on this beautiful corn? Planning to get your hands on some? Let us know in the comments!

Sherwoods Seeds

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  1. I got speeds for the first time , can’t wait to see mine corn

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