This Light Allows You To Turn Your Pool Into A Rainbow Reef Aquarium

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My favorite time to swim is at night, always has been. My grandmas pool had lights under the water that you could turn on with a switch at night and the ripples on the water would look so magical and cool.


With the Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light you can get an even cooler effect! It floats on top of the water and creates an aquarium look in your pool!


It displays colorful fish and shark silhouettes that look like they are swimming on the side and bottom of your pool! How cool is that?

Since the light actually floats on the surface of the water, it creates movement that makes the fish and sharks look like they are actually swimming.

D. I.  – Amazon Reviewer

My kids love taking this in the pool at night. There are several different modes of viewing the fish, which is fun. Battery insertion is easy enough. The part I didn’t realize & seems funny for a pool, is that the instructions say to not leave it in the water or the sun. I tossed it in the pool the night it arrived, so we could see it; then had to jump in & get it because the instructions said to not leave it in the water. Pool lights need to be off to get full effect as well. Overall, really cute.

S. LaRoche

They are cast in multiple colors and it also has 3 light modes. It operates on 4 AA batteries and is about 7.25 inches x 7.25 inches x 5.625 inches.


You can get your very own from Swimways on Amazon for only $28.67! I sure wish I had a pool again because I would totally have one! How cool and relaxing!

LeesMom – Amazon Reviewer

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