These Window Curtains Cast Rainbows Throughout The House When The Sun Hits and I Need Them

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I have seen these all over TikTok!

Individuals are using window privacy blockers to create a rainbow lighting effect! 

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Some people are even using the privacy blockers on the sun roofs from their car to achieve the rainbow lighting. 

Courtesy of Amazon

To be honest, I would love to stick these adhesives on one of the windows I have in my kitchen or even in the bathroom for extra privacy!

Courtesy of Amazon

From the looks of the picture, there’s a sticky adhesive on one side that peels off and sticks when sprayed with water.


In the description, it states that the adhesive takes only minutes to firmly stick to any window.

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Make sure to smooth out any bubbles with a scrapper and wipe down the privacy film with a cloth!

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Changed your mind? The rainbow adhesives are easily removable without leaving residue and can even be used again!

Although I’m thinking you might want more than one sheet of film to cover more windows to achieve that rainbow lighting!

Courtesy of Amazon

Starting at 9 dollars on Amazon, there are five different sizes with the most expensive costing 36 dollars.

Courtesy of Amazon

You know what I just thought of? You could totally use the rainbow lighting from the window adhesives as your own personal filter for pictures!

I’ve made up mind, it looks like Amazon will be getting one more purchase from me!


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