It’s Literally Raining Worms In China, So Get Ready To Be Grossed Out

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Nope. Nuh-uh. I’m out.

As if straight out of a nightmare, it’s raining worms in China.

Worms, y’all!!

According to the New York Post, residents of Liaoning, China were told to “find shelter” after worms started raining down on the city, splatting against cars and making terrifying piles of slime on the streets.

A video — which has obviously gone viral — shows people walking down the streets, umbrellas in hand, just going about their daily business, as they are being pummeled by worms.

Not the gummy delicious kind. The ooey-gooey, slimy kind.


What is causing this frightening phenomenon?

It is being blamed on the cooler weather.

Kind of like when it started raining iguanas in Florida.

The cold weather causes their little bodies to go into a dormant, immobile state, and they can’t help but be blown around in the wind.

There is one theory, and I hope for the sake of the people in Liaoning, this is the case.

It could be that these “worms” are actually poplar catkins — a cylindrical flower cluster — from the tulip tree. These flowers look like little worms, and are plentiful in places like Central Park.

Whatever they are, I’m staying away from Liaoning, China. This is how horror movies start.

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