There’s Going To Be A Rare Full Blue Moon This Month. Here’s How You Can Watch It.

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It’s once in a blue moon when a black cat passes you by on Halloween night, it’s also considered rare when the night sky is consumed by seasonal full blue moon.

August’s rare full blue moon, also named the sturgeon moon, get’s its official name from the largest fish in North America that’s often caught most commonly during the end of summer.

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The seasonal blue moon which is even more rare than the calendar full blue moon (full moon phases that occur around monthly), will conclude the end of summer.

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So what makes the moon blue?

Well, volcanic ash, smoke, and moon dust will do the trick.

The rare moon will become full on August 22nd early in the morning; so for those early birds who catch the worms can expect the full blue moon to rise specifically at 8:01 a.m. EST.

It will stay in the sky from Friday night into Monday morning.

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To get precise viewing times for your area, you can also visit this website to see the full moon turn blue.

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