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Turns Out, There’s A Reason Starbucks Tables Are Round

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I used to work for Starbucks — one of the BEST jobs ever — and in learning about their culture and company, I learned that EVERYTHING they do is calculated and with purpose.

For instance, they used to have welcome mats that had the Starbucks siren logo on them.

Starbucks decided that they didn’t want anyone walking on their logo as they entered the store — it was disrespectful to the company. So, they got rid of them!

They also used to have big comfy chairs in their lobbies. This was to further the idea that Starbucks was your “third place.” A place between home and work where you could come to wind down and relax.

Well, now — as you might have noticed — they have round tables in their cafe area.

They purposely went with the round table as opposed to the square or rectangle table, and here’s why.

Round tables are more welcoming than those with square edges, and people look less alone while seated at a round table.

Karen Blumenthal, author of “Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of Starbucks’ Stock”

Research has shown that sitting at a round table is much more “friendly” than sitting at a square table, creating more of a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s kinda like that old story about King Arthur and the round table. A round table has no head. It makes everyone sit on equal ground.

That’s the idea. It’s much more comfortable to sit with your equals than it is to have someone who heads up the table.

Think about it. It’s true!!

The roundness of the tables encourage open conversation, and that is their whole idea around the round design.

There’s another reason for the round tables. Yeah, they are more “friendly,” but they are a beast to try to sit down and work at.

The round tables encourage the customers to drink their coffee, chat with their friends, and get the hell out of dodge. They allow more customers to flow in and out of the stores.

What do you think? Do you like the round table used at Starbucks?

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