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Record Breaking Cold Temperatures Including Snow, Is Coming This Week and I Just Can’t Deal

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Who had snow for September? BINGO!

Y’all! A cold snap is coming to part of the country this next week, from North Dakota to Texas, and I’m pretty dang excited about it!

This is a bit bizarre, because we JUST had a record heatwave in the west. I’m talking, like temperatures near 120 degrees fahrenheit!!

HOWEVER, frigid air is going to drop out of Canada at the beginning of the week, and settle into the mid section of the country.

Nowhere is this temperature roller coaster more pronounced than in Denver, where a 60-degree drop in the city’s high temperature, from 99 degrees to 37 degrees, is expected in a mere 48 hours Sunday to Tuesday.


If you live in the Denver area, prepare yourself for snow!! All of Denver just collectively let out an, “Ugh.” LOL!

According to CNN, this cold snap is set to be one of the earliest measurable snowfalls on record in the Rocky Mountains. Usually, the cold doesn’t settle into the area until later on in October.

It’s going to stay weird, because while the middle part of the country skips right over fall, and heads right into winter, the west and east of the country are going to park right in the middle of summer, and stay there. It’s going to be HOT.

Courtesy of Climate.gov

Climate.gov has made a prediction for the weather in September, and it shows hotter and drier air over the west part of the country, cooler weather in the north central plains, and wet weather in the south central plains and east.

Courtesy of Climate.gov

Now, Climate.gov wants to make sure we know this is NOT a forecast for September, but simply a prediction of what might be in the future for the remainder of September.

I’m down for the cooler temperatures!! I’m not here to argue with this prediction. Bring on winter!!

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