You Can Recycle Your Old or Broken Christmas Lights at Home Depot. Here’s How.

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I’m not going to lie, I cringe at how much “stuff” we just throw away.

Take Christmas lights for example, I swear we are replacing several strands every single year and that is so much waste. UGH.

Well, if you happen to feel the same, I have some good news!!

You can actually recycle your old or broken Christmas lights at Home Depot. Here’s how…

How to Recycle Christmas Lights at Home Depot

Many hardware stores such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware have bins inside their store where you can dispose of Christmas lights for recycling.

The best thing to do is, call up your local Home Depot and ask where they keep their recycling light bin.

Each location may have specifics regarding what they accept, so it’s worth calling them ahead of time before hauling Christmas lights into your local store.

I am all for this so we can hopefully keep items like these out of the landfills.

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