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This Easy ‘Red Plate Tradition’ Can Be Used To Celebrate All The Accomplishments That Life Has To Offer

So, we’ve been doing this tradition with my family for YEARS. We have this special blue plate, and when someone has done something noteworthy, or even on birthdays, we serve them dinner on this blue plate. It’s a super big deal, and everyone looks forward to the time when they get to eat on the blue plate.

Little did I know, this is actually a “thing,” only traditionally, celebratory dinners are offered up on a red plate.

It was a time honored tradition among early American families that when someone deserved special praise or attention they were served dinner on the red plate. Today this custom, so dear to early American families, returns to remind us that a simple reward can mean so much.

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One look at Instagram will show you that this is a tradition that many have adopted to celebrate the good times and great accomplishments that family members bring to the table — so to speak.

It is something that is so small and easy to do, yet means so much to the person getting to enjoy their time with the red plate. It is a way to single someone out for being awesome and doing big things.

What a great positive reinforcement that doesn’t have to be an over-the-top gesture, but is just special enough to be — well — special.

In our house, when we want to recognize someone’s accomplishment they get a red plate at dinner time. It stands out against our usual white. And I hope it makes them all sorts of seen and their efforts known.


The red plate can be pulled out for all those big accomplishments: good grades, good teacher reports, winning the big game, birthdays, graduations — the list goes on and on.

But, the plate can also be used to show hard work. Maybe your little tried out for the lead in the school play, but didn’t quite get it. They would surely get to use the red plate to show they tried their best — even if life didn’t pan out the way they quite hoped in the end.

However, the most important use for our Red Plate, I think, has been for the hard times, those times when someone has worked and worked to get a part in a play or make a team or win an election, and they have been disappointed. Someone in the family always makes sure they get the “Red Plate” that day as a symbol that they are still special, no matter what has happened.

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Adopting the tradition of the red plate is so easy. You simply get a red plate — it can be a special plate with fancy writing, or it can just be a red plate that everyone knows is for the exceptional circumstances.

Or — in the case of my family — it can actually be a blue plate — or any color you want!!

All that matters is that everyone knows that this plate is only brought out for special occasions.

You will be surprised at how quickly your family comes to recognize the plate and its significance.

If you want to be all official, you can get a “You are special today” red plate from the Amazon website. These plates run about $34, and it just might be the most meaningful money you spend on your family!