ALDI Is Selling Red Velvet Créme Cookies That Look Absolutely Delicious

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Oreo’s red velvet cookies sold out in a lickety-split because it’s a cream cheese filling sandwiched in between two red velvet halves that made these cookies so popular on the market.

Courtesy of Target

Therefore, if you didn’t run fast enough to grab yourself a box or several, ALDI has an eye catching package of red velvet cookies that just might do the trick.


Introducing Red Velvet Créme cookies that you can snag at ALDI, soon!


Now of course these cookies are only out for a limited time but if you missed out on Oreo’s red velvet cookies, you should know that these sweet treats will start hitting shelves the week of January 27th!

Exactly almost one month from now, you can have a stash of Red Velvet Créme cookies for you and your loved ones since Valentine’s Day will also be near because what other flavor screams “I love you” other than chocolate and red velvet?!

It looks like I’ll be running and not walking to ALDI and I suggest you do the same if you want a chance to grab one of these packs of cookies off store shelves.

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