This Red, White, and Blue Stanley Tumbler Is Perfect for the Fourth of July

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When it comes to the Fourth of July, typically the entire day is always spent outdoors.

You know the drill, barbecues, pool parties, family games, outdoor movies, and snacks, lots of snacks.

So when it comes time to hydrating after spending nearly all day outside, you can get a Stanley to match the festive decor that’s on display in the backyard.

What’s dubbed the Custom “Americana” Stanley tumbler, this holiday themed cup is colored red, white, blue.

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

Custom-made, (as it says so in the title), Etsy shop owner @ThePressedPeonyCo hand makes each festive tumbler to match the Fourth.

You can also expect this custom Stanley to come boxed in the viral Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler design that’s been taking the internet by storm!

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

Although suitable for hot and cold drinks, we imagine your tumbler will mostly likely be filled with an iced coffee or your favorite mocktail since it’ll be in the middle of the summer season come July.

Plus, it even holds 40 ounces of liquid which is double the venti at Starbucks!

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

So go ahead, pour in your favorite homemade coffee and watch how long it stays chilled thanks to the vacuum insulation that makes up this tumbler.

Let’s face it, this new Stanley will be the tumbler of the summer season!

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

I’m assuming your next question is where you can find this festive tumbler.

You can currently snag the red, white, and blue Stanley only on Etsy!

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

If anyone needs me, I’ll be looking for my wallet.

Courtesy of @ThePressedPeonyCo

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