These Reindeer Lights Show Santa the Way to Your House For Christmas

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Rather than lighting up the night sky with the help of Rudolph’s red nose, these reindeer light up your driveway so Santa can see your house on Christmas Eve night.

Thanks to Amazon, we have more than just Christmas lights to make the house look bright the night before Christmas.

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Decorated like Rudolph with a red nose, these reindeer pathway markers make sure Santa sees your house first on the neighborhood block.

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Dressed in a blue and white striped scarf, these Christmas lights go great paired on both sides of the driveways or alongside the front walkway.

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Featuring multi-colored, rotating bright lights, each reindeer is just as bright as Rudolph’s nose!

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Not to mention this pack of Christmas decor is simple to set up.

Courtesy of Amazon

Just make sure they’re placed where the big jolly guy can see!

You can currently find the light up reindeer pathway markers on Amazon this holiday season!

Courtesy of Amazon

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