You’ll Soon Be Able to Renew Your Passports Online Permanently. Here’s What We Know.

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Going anywhere?

If you just realized your passport is expired and you have plans to travel, renewing your passport just got easier.

According to the State Department, online renewal applications for passports will begin soon.

Thanks to a successful pilot program during the pandemic backlog, when wait times for travelers with expired books reached 18 weeks, online passport renewals will soon be a permanent choice.

Considering we’ll soon be able to renew our passports online, that’s one less stressor to omit during vacation time other than arriving at the airport five hours before boarding.

Although while many of us will be beaming with joy regarding the permanent option of renewing passports online, unfortunately not everyone will be able to use the new service.

Those who cannot renew their passport books online are children under 16 and individuals applying for a passport for the very first time.

Online renewals for passports will begin early next year of 2023, and we wouldn’t blame you if you already booked another week vacation across seas; happy traveling!

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