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Are You Getting Constant Reset Emails From Instagram? Here’s Why It Is Happening.

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So super annoying, I literally just got an email from Instagram that reads the following:

I blocked out my personal information in the image above, but you can see why it’s concerning.

Someone is trying to get in to my accounts and it appears it is happening to a lot of people right now.

It’s so stressful to think of losing everything on social media, but I’m sure one day it’s going to happen to me.

Once a hacker get’s control of your account it can be a major pain trying to get the account back, also who knows what they did while in there!

I know I haven’t had an issue logging in, so someone else is obviously trying to, shooooo fly, don’t bother me!

If you receive one of these emails from Instagram, here’s what you can do

So after some online research, I learned that some people are getting this email nearly every 15 minutes, I just got my first.

The email is a real email from Instagram, it isn’t a spoof or anything, it’s just like being spammed continuously!

What is happening is some jerk face is clicking the reset password email that is linked to the accounts user name.

To make it stop you’ll need to get on the Instagram app and click to change your log-in information and… change your username.

I know many of you don’t want to change your username, however, that would end the issue for a bit… I don’t think many of us WANT to change our username though

Even if you don’t change your username, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change your passwords.

What really needs to happen is Instagram needs to change the way they do things, they need to set it where in order to reset a password you have to enter your email, not the username.

The username is what the hackers (or whatever they are) are using because it is right there for them to see, whereas the email isn’t public unless you made it public.

Easy fix right? So maybe someone over at Instagram should do that.

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