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Restaurant Employees Are Sharing The Best Items Off Their Secret Menus And We Have Them

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Restaurant employees at several fast food chains are sharing the best items off their menus that you never even knew existed.

I try to eat healthy, but let’s face it, sometimes you just need a trip to a fast food restaurant.

Usually, it’s about 11pm when the fast food urge hits, AMIRITE?

Well, let me tell you, next time that fast food craving hits, I’m trying one of these hidden menu items!

Here Are The Menu Items At Fast Food Restaurants That Employees Say You Should Try

1) Starbucks — We are starting with our FAVORITE place on earth, here at Totally The Bomb.

You might have seen our secret Starbucks drink menu.

We have real baristas that help come up with the drinks we bring you, and every single one of their drinks are incredibly delicious.

Check out this recipe for a Starbucks Virgin Mai Tai that comes straight off the Starbucks secret menu.

2) Subway — Now, I personally am not a fan of the Tuna Sandwich, but if you are into that kind of thing, this one’s for you.

Ask for a normal tuna sub, but ask to add bacon. You won’t be sorry!

3) Chipotle — This is one of my favorite fast food stops!!

Did you know that you can order a Quesarito that isn’t on the actual menu, but they will make it for you if you ask for it?

The Quesarito is just a normal burrito, but instead of ONE tortilla wrapping, they will give you TWO — with melted cheese sandwiched in between! Ask for chicken and you basically have a chicken quesadilla, burrito-style!

4) Wendy’s — You can get a side of melted cheese to dip your fries in!! Don’t worry about the calories! Also let me just say, Wendy’s chili is the bomb!

I have never, ever come across a person outside of my family (who has been doing it for years) that knows you can order a cup of melted cheese at both Wendys and Arbys and dip your fries, nuggets, whatever in it.FFandMMfan on Reddit

I don’t know how I have gone through life not knowing this trick.

Also at Wendy’s, you can ask for any drink made into a float!!

Basically a root beer float, but you can make any combination of chocolate or vanilla ice cream and basically any soft drink. I recommend strawberry and chocolate ice cream. It’s freaking deliciousu/Karnman

Or ya know, take home a frosty and add some wine to it to make your own Cheerwine Floats!

5) Taco Bell — There are FOUR suggestions for you here.

First of all, did you know that you can order your bean burrito (or ANY burrito for that matter) with extra red sauce for a punch of flavor?

Did you also know that you can order a MexiMelt — which is just a taco-sized tortilla with melted cheese, ground beef, and pico de gallo — with steak instead of ground beef?

Then, there is the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but substitute the crunchy taco for a Dorito taco shell.

Now, you need to try a Grilled Steak Taco, but ask for it “fresco style”

They will leave off the cheese, but add pico.

Mind blown!

6) Cook Out — Now, this is a regional restaurant, but if you’re one of the LUCKY ones — like me (in North Carolina) — who has a Cook Out in town, pay close attention.

You know they have about eleventy billion fancy milkshake flavors, and you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Strawberry milkshake, Peanut Butter Milkshake, etc.

BUT, you HAVE to try the Snickers with Mint — even if you only try it once, it has to be done! It was made by a Cook Out Employee and it is so good!

7) McDonald’s — This is one hack that is going to come in very handy for my husband who LOVES the Big Mac. You can order it through the drive-thru too!

If you want a Big Mac for a fraction of the cost, order a McDouble with no mustard or ketchup, and add shredded lettuce and mac sauce.u/DestroyTheSkyline

Side note – did you know that you can request extra crispy chicken nuggets? They are so good!

8) Five Guys — OMG! Another one of my favorites!!

Every single item on the menu here is just a bit of perfection, but there is one AMAZING thing you can order that isn’t on the menu.

Just order a Grilled Cheese, and then add all your favorite toppings!

I used to work at Five Guys and you can get a grilled cheese with anything on it. When I worked there, I would get a grilled cheese with extra cheese, bacon, grilled tomato, and BBQ sauce on the side. It’s awesome.u/RainbowZebraGum

9) Whataburger — Okay, all you lucky southern people, try THIS next time you hit up your favorite Whataburger restaurant.

Ask for Creamy Pepper Sauce on your burger, and then close your eyes and revel in the sensation.

I’m pretty sure it’s not actually on the menu and 90% of the time when you ask them what kind of sauces they have, they don’t say creamy pepper sauceu/Bloob2

Another tasty thing you can try is the Apple Pie à la Mode.

Whataburger can prepare the apple pie. À la mode. That means they just put the apple pie in a small milkshake. The milkshake gets melted so it’s easier to eat and the apple pie cools. It’s glorious.u/jinklmun

10) White Castle — I hate to admit this, but I don’t think I have ever been to a White Castle, although I have heard amazing things!

You can order a chicken-bacon-ranch sandwich, even though it isn’t on the menu. And if ranch isn’t your style, still give their chicken sandwich a try!

I work at White Castle and although we have the ingredients to make them, chicken-bacon-ranch sandwiches aren’t technically on our menu. That’s what I make myself when I have to eat at work.u/Treyu2112

11) Sonic Pickle Dr. Pepper

Simply order a side of pickles and a Dr. Pepper. You then toss the pickles into the Dr. Pepper. Apparently, it’s like the best thing ever. Besides the onion rings, M&M sonic blast and the chicken strips of course.

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