Move Over Capri Sun, Reusable Adult Drink Pouches Are Here To Take Sippin’ To The Next Level

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I love drink pouches! They are so much easier to store and carry around then bottles and cans.

Especially on a day when we go to the beach, and there are SO many heavy things we have to drag all the way to the shoreline! Who wants to take a heavy cooler full of cans and bottles?!? Not to mention, cans and bottles make so much trash.

These customizable drink pouches were found right on Etsy, and they are reusable!! They store flat when you are done with them, and then you just wash them out to reuse! So, so much easier than cans and bottles!

OneSassyGiraffeShop, on Etsy, makes these super cool cups, and they will customize them with any saying that you want. You can also choose the color of the lettering. OMG, there are so many possibilities here!

These would be GREAT for a weekend Bachelorette Party, where each one said something like “We’re With The Bride,” or something more clever than that. I’m not really great at witty sayings. Ha!

Each pouch can hold 16 ounces of beverage, so you can fill them juice or — ya know — adult beverages. Or I mean, you could fill them with BOTH, just don’t confuse the baggies!!

These are also great to use as make-and-take goodie bags for parties. Wouldn’t they be GREAT for a grab-and-go Candy Bar?!? AND, you could have them say something like, “Thanks for coming,” or maybe the name of the party person!

Each pouch also comes with a straw, so if you are using it as a drink bag — which I totally would — you have a straw to just sip and go! So convenient and fun. The straws do vary in color, so it will be a surprise as to which one you receive.

You can get your OWN drink pouch (or you can call it a snack pouch, if you want) at the OneSassyGiraffeShop on Etsy. Each personalized bag is $6, and you can buy in bulk.

The best part — always — is that it ships for FREE!! That always seals the deal for me. Add To Cart!

This will be made just for you! Prep time varies. Contact the shop to find out when it will ship.


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