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River ‘Tanking’ Is A Thing And I Really Need To Go!

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In all of my years of spending time at the lakes, and rivers… never once have I heard about ‘Tanking’ until today!

Apparently, this isn’t a new thing to a lot of people, and many people have been ‘tanking’ for years and suddenly I feel so left out!

‘Tanking’ is a unique way of floating on a lake or down a river, the tank is a stock tank that is normally used to give livestock food and water.

People even use stock tanks to make swimming pools out of!

Not once did I ever think about placing a stock tank on the water to float down a river, and my life feels super incomplete right now.

People use both the metal stock tanks and the plastic stock tanks for ‘Tanking’.

I’m thinking the metal may get a bit hot, so plastic is sounding a bit more appealing to me.

Some people even place picnic tables inside of the stock tank, or build seating and drink holders!

You could have a cooler, a bunch of people, and even your dogs and happily relax and float down the river!

This one is going on the bucket list for sure!

If you’re one of my friends and knew about this amazing summer activity and never told me about it… how could you leave me in the dark?

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