People Are Roasting Raw Dough Over a Campfire and Calling It “Campfire Dough”

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Whether you use an RV or sleep under the stars in a tent to go camping, there’s one thing we all share while taking a vacation in the middle of nowhere, a decent sized campfire.

Aside from the usual meats and sweet treats you might be cooking over firewood, social media users and camping goers are roasting another food group over the fire other than just s’mores and burgers.

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Enter: Campfire Dough

Courtesy of @jorritiepema

Described exactly as it sounds, campfire dough is basically wrapping yeast based, risen raw dough on a stick, and roasting it over a large campfire.

Whether you prefer crispy bread with a soft middle or softer bread with less of a crunch, make sure that each stick is substantial enough to hold the weight of your dough and long enough to reach the fire.

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Just keep in mind to sterilize your stick in the fire before you wrap your dough if your picking your stick from Mother Nature.

Courtesy of @jorritiepema

Wrap your dough around the stick, rotate on each side and the end result should look something like a twisted peppermint stick during Christmastime!

Courtesy of @magevennligmat

So ditch the marshmallows and chocolate and forget the sausages, because campfire dough is the next trend to try to roast over a campfire!

Courtesy of @practical_joules

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