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Robert Pattinson Was The Wrong Choice To Play Edward Cullen In The Twilight Saga. Prove Me Wrong.

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Robert Pattinson should have never been cast as Edward in the Twilight movie saga. There, I said it.

Bring on the hate mail!

I’m sure he is an outstanding, cool, super-nice dude IRL, but Edward Cullen, he is not.

Edward is dark, brooding, mysterious, gorgeous — and so they cast Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter?


I mean, I know Cedric is supposed to be good looking, quite, and charming — but to me — in a completely different way than that of my favorite vampire.


I just simply don’t know what they were thinking with their choice in casting the character of Edward Cullen.


Maybe it was a budget thing? I just don’t know.

In the book, Edward is strong, graceful, “absurdly handsome.” All NOT qualities for which I would necessarily have chosen Robert Pattinson.

To me, the Edward in the Twilight MOVIE saga comes off as a bit whiny and disgusted, lanky and constantly repulsed. He has more the appearance of a sick puppy than the gorgeous, mysterious vampire from the book.


Maybe I’m just old-school, and like my vampires like Louis in Interview With a Vampire. Now THAT was a gorgeous, mysterious predator. He was strong, not only of person, but of demeanor.


And, before you try and tell me that Edward Cullen ISN’T a predator — he is a vampire. That’s what they do. He may be a “vegetarian” vampire, but he is a vampire, nonetheless.

I don’t know who I would have chosen to play the lead in Twilight, the movie, but it would NOT have been Robert Pattinson. He is not MY Edward.


I also think that Kristen Stewart was the wrong casting choice for Bella, but that’s a whole different article.


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