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You Can Now Get $8 Robotic Manicures at Select Target Stores And I Want One

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I’m going to admit, this scares me a little bit. But, you better believe I’ll be first in line to try it.

Target is partnering with Clockwork to bring quick manicures to select Target locations.

These manicures are actually done by — wait for it — robots.


Target locations in Minnesota, California, and Texas can book an appointment for one of these cool robotic manicures.


So, check this out.

People 13 and older can now book one of these manicure appointments at one of the six locations that are testing out this service.

Side Note: If you live in one of the areas testing this feature, PLEASE go try it out. I want these manicures to expand to my local Target location!

Robot manicures are nothing new. Clockwork is actually a company that has been using robotic manicure kiosks for awhile.

They supply automated manicure kiosks where people can sit and get precision nail polish applications in about 10 minutes.

How Do These Robotic Manicures Work?

There is a little process to getting a robotic manicure.

First, you need to prep your nails. That means you remove any polish that might be hanging on to your fingernails for dear life. Then file your nails however you want.

Then you will talk with the attendant at the kiosk, and pick out your nail color. You will also watch a little tutorial video.

Finally, you stick your hands in the machine, relax, breathe normally, and let the robot do its thing.

These robot kiosks use AI and 3D technology to make sure your nails look fire.

The Robotic manicures are usually $10 a pop, but you can get your first robotic manicure for only $8.

You can also save 20% when you book a series of 3 manicures — the total is $24.

Now, these Clockwork kiosks definitely don’t replace your nail technician. BUT, if you want a quick, precise, and beautiful manicure quickly, this is the way to go!

Please, please, please post pictures and tag us if you get one of these robotic manicures done! I am dying to see how they turn out.

You can go to book your robotic manicure HERE.

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