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People Are Painting Rocks To Make A Fake Flower Garden And It’s Genius

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a green thumb, so if you aren’t a pro plant whisperer like Sally down the street, the next step is to improvise this spring/summer to have the garden of your dreams!

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to reconnect with the patch of dried up soil you used to call a garden and to repaint the fence that surrounds that dried up piece of land.

Instead of buying flower pots this year, all you need is a handful of large rocks that are preferably flat and some paint!

Courtesy of @lisastorystones

To make up for the green thumb they lack or for a fun arts and crafts day with the family, people are painting rocks to make a fake flower garden and the finished results are very colorful!

Courtesy of @Julie Morgan

All you need to do is to gather big and small rocks, preferably larger rocks to fill the outer edges to resemble flower petals and a smaller, more circular rock to place in the middle.

Courtesy of @carlahardman68

How you paint your rocks is completely up to you and the best part about this garden is that these “plants” can’t die!

Courtesy of @catjoneslife

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