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Here’s How To Order A Root Beer Float Off The Wendy’s Secret Menu

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There isn’t much better than a Root Beer Float on a hot day — or any day for that matter. YUM!!

It is totally possible to get a root beer float from Wendy’s, and you don’t even have to order anything weird or off the menu.

I hate going to a fast food restaurant, and ordering anything customized. I always love the food, but I’m so worried that the employees are talking about me as I drive off. Do you ever feel that way?

That’s the beautiful thing about ordering this root beer float. It’s so stinkin’ simple, and the employees won’t be any-the-wiser that you ordered anything special.

Start by rolling up to your favorite Wendy’s restaurant. I just go straight through the drive thru, badda-bing badda-boom.

All you have to do is order a root beer and a vanilla frosty.

Size is up to you. I go with the Junior Vanilla Frosty, because it’s plenty for me — and it’s like a buck.

I also get a small root beer. But, you do you. If you want extra to drink, you might want to up size it.

How To Make A Root Beer Float From The Wendy’s Secret Menu

Open up that vanilla frosty, and take an obligatory taste — it’s too good to pass up.

Then you open up your root beer. Be careful not to spill.

Now, you are going to pour some of that root beer right into that Vanilla Frosty. Make sure none of the ice plops into the cup.

The root beer is going to freeze in a thin layer to that frosty — so good — and the rest of it will turn into a vanillay-root beery combination that is going to totally hit that sweet tooth spot!!

Want to get crazy? Try it with a Chocolate Frosty. You will be shocked how good it really is!!

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