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You Can Get a Root Beer Mug Pool Float Complete With A Mini Cooler and Drink Holder

Do you love Root Beer? Man, I do! Not just any Root Beer though, some Root Beers are way better than others.

Root Beer floats are such a tasty summertime drink too! I love them, and so do the kids! It is a nice refreshing cool down treat on a hot Texas summer day!

When I saw this Root Beer Mug inflatable float, I just knew it was something that my girls would love!


It is shaped just like a Root Beer Mug! In the handle area of the mug, you will find an integrated mini-cooler! Fill that with ice and your favorite drinks, like Root Beer, and float away the day in comfort!

This is a pretty big pool float! It measures 74 inches long x 44 inches wide when inflated. It also has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds! The foamy headrest is perfect for relaxing in the fresh air!

The whimsical Root Beer Mug design pool float will be a hit with the soft drink crowd. Fill the integrated mini-cooler section in the “handle” with ice and go adrift with some refills of your favorite beverage.

It also comes with a drink holder built in! So once you open once of your drinks that were stashes in the cooler, you have a place to let it hang out!


This Root Beer Mug Pool float is made from Polyvinyl Chloride and is easy to spot clean. I love that they included a straw as part of the detail!

You can get your own Root Beer Mug inflatable pool float online! They actually have a coupon code listed with it that will take an extra 30% off of the price right now!

Can you have too many pool floats? Yea, I didn’t think so either!

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