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Rosé Strawberries Are A Real Thing And I Need To Try Them

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I have to be honest and say I usually skip trying things like this because I get a little freaked out by GMO, but these are NOT GMO!

I love strawberries and it’s kind of weird to think about them tasting different than normal strawberries, but I have to say I’m a bit intrigued.

Driscoll’s is known for amazing berries, so I don’t think I can go wrong on these right?

Our Rosé Berries™ have a unique, complex flavor that will heighten your summer berry dishes. The blush color comes from a natural blend of light and dark berries mixed with the power of the sun.


The light pink color of the Rosé Strawberries is really pretty and would look amazing mixed with the traditional red strawberries that we all know and love.

Rosé Berries™ contain sweet, peachy notes capped off with a soft, floral finish that’s as delicate as a rose. Plus, their smooth, silky and creamy texture perfectly complements a hot, summer afternoon.


They also have a Rosé Raspberries, both are created using non-GMO breeding methods!

You can find the Driscoll’s Rosé Strawberries and Raspberries in grocery stores nationwide and I’m about to go hunt some down for myself!

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