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You Can Get A Rotating Star Christmas Tree Topper That Lights Up In Rainbow Colors

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I haven’t had a proper tree topper for the past several Christmas holidays, each year we just kind of rig something up there.

I haven’t really found anything I wanted for the top, well… until now!

This glittering star is perfection as a Christmas tree topper and I’m adding it to the cart!


You just put it up on the top of your Christmas tree, plug it in and watch the lights glow on the spinning star.


The colorful LED lights look festive and dreamy as it casts a glow upon the room.


This Christmas star light-up tree topper is about 9 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide with a wire that measures about 9.85 inches.


It’s super lightweight so no need to worry about it weighing down the top of your tree since it only weighs about 10 ounces.

I love that it rotates on top of the tree and I think it will be a nice surprise for the kids this Christmas.


The light-up rotating Christmas star is also quiet, even when it’s on there is no noise to distract you.

You can order your own stunningly beautiful light-up rotating star Christmas tree topper on Amazon, I’m going to place my order now!


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