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Rumors Are Circulating That Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Have Broken Up

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Rumors are spreading like wildfire and as rumor has it, MGK and Megan Fox are done for…

But as you know, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. So, is it actually true?


Well, fans have noticed that MGK and Megan Fox went from always have a public romance and posting about each other to crickets…


The rumors spread even faster when Gawker reported about it. They sort of fueled the fire about the split.


I mean, one quick look at Megan’s Instagram and you’ll notice she hasn’t posted a single picture of her and MGK in 11 weeks which is nearly 3 months…

Again, does this actually mean anything?

Well, according to many well-known media outlets, the fire between these two has been turned to smoke and people believe Megan has been posting old photos as her way of saying she will get back into dating soon.


Still, fans are convinced too. After the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split, people are convinced that Megan left MGK too.

Megan, MGK and their publicists have yet to confirm or deny the rumors so I guess only time will tell…

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