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These Salt-N-Pepa Shakers Just Gave Me Vivid Flashbacks Of The Late 80s And I Need Them

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Ah, push it… Ah, push it… Oooh, baby, baby… Baby, baby… Oooh, baby, baby… Baby, baby… Get up on this! Ow! Baby! Salt and Pepa’s here!

I saw these Salt-N-Pepa Shakers and now the songs have come flooding back to my brain from the past!


I’m old, Salt-N-Pepa was super popular when I was a teenager and it amazes me that the lyrics are still buried in this damaged brain of mine after all of these years.


Seeing the Salt-N-Pepa Shakers brought back so many memories!

Turned out very nice and packaged in a lovely box. All my friends are jealous of my new Salt-N-Pepa salt and pepper shakers.

Etsy customer reivew
Etsy customer review

Now I feel like I have to have these because of the nostalgia factor!


We can now own the coolest Salt and Pepper shakers featuring Salt-N-Pepa.

The Salt-N-Pepa salt and pepper shakers are available in either black or white.


Each shaker is approximately 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.

So happy with the shakers! They came way before the expected date. They’re heavy and the image is not distorted in any way. Thanks!!!

bm1215 – Etsy customer review

The salt shaker comes with 2 holes and the pepper shaker comes with 3 holes, if you want that reversed, just let the shop know.


To clean the Salt-N-Pepa shakers, just wipe them down with a damp cloth, if you soak them you will risk ruining the image.

The Salt-N-Pepa salt and pepper shakers are available for pre-order right now from ReimaginedEmpire on Etsy!

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