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Sam Elliott is Replacing Adam West As The Mayor On ‘Family Guy’ and It Is Everything

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I have to be honest, it’s been a hot minute since I have watched Family Guy but this news… whoa!

We all know Adam West as Batman on the television show and as the voice of Quahog’s mayor on ‘Family Guy’. It’s been 3 years since he passed away, and now they have found the new mayor of Quahog.


Sam Elliott is very well known and has been popular for many years, especially amongst many women that I know. A ton of you have crushes on the silver fox and you know it!

Well, now you can enjoy him as an animated character as the new mayor on Family Guy!


Family Guy is coming out with its 19th season! Sam Elliott will voice the part of ‘Wild Wild West’, the cousin of the late ‘Mayor West’. The name is fitting don’t you think?

The new character will make his debut in November of this year on ‘Family Guy’.

Apparently Sam Elliott’s first reaction to being asked to play the part was simply “No”. I can hear it and see it in my head ha!

He originally said no because the original idea for the character was that he would be playing himself. They reworked it as a new character and he liked that idea much better.

I guess I better go catch up on ‘Family Guy’ so I can be ready for this newest season!


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