Sam’s Club is Selling A Giant Bucket Filled with Candy and Plastic Eggs for Your Egg Hunt

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Sam’s Club is here to make Easter so much easier on you.

Instead of waiting last minute then having to run from store to store just to find plastic easter eggs, Sam’s Club is a one-stop shop for all.

Yesterday, I was browsing the isle of Sam’s Club (kid-free which is glorious by the way) and I came across this:

Yes, that is a giant bucket filled with everything you need to have the best Easter egg hunt ever!

The bucket contains 355 pieces of candy and eggs to make it easy to stuff eggs and hide them for Easter hunts.

Plus, the candy is nut-free making them allergy friendly for kids!

This Easter candy bucket is available in the candy section at Sam’s Club for $34.98 and it’s pure genius if you ask me!

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