Sam’s Club Is Selling A Giant Inflatable Water Slide And We All Need One

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Oh my dear, sweet, summery, splashtown heavens!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

You can buy an inflatable water slide bouncy house at Sam’s Club, and it’s going go cost you less money than you’d ever imagine!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

My kids are going to completely FREAK OUT. Their FAVORITE thing is being outside in the summer, and playing in all things water — be it a Slip ‘N Slide, a Blobz water slide, or one of the many (MANY) pool floats we have amassed over the years.

Courtesy of Target

Y’all. This thing is less expensive than that Nintendo Switch my kids begged for last Christmas.

Courtesy of Amazon

It’s even less money than RENTING that bouncy house they had at that birthday party my son went to last summer.


Are you ready for this? This is called the My First Splash ‘N Slide, and it’s only — wait for it — less than two hundred bucks!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Made with puncture- and UV-resistant materials for durability, it only takes minutes to set up. Just connect the included air blower and inflate in 2 minutes. Add water play by connecting a water hose to the sprayers. 

Sam’s Club
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

They can climb on it, they can bounce on it, and they can slide from the top to the bottom, and into a shallow pool of water.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

It’s super large dimensions ar 129″ x 120″ x 94″. That’s like 10 feet high!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

And, you guys, it COMES WITH the blower needed to set it up! Can I just tell you how great that is!?! I bought an inflatable pool-type-thingy last summer, and it didn’t come with a way to blow it up. It was SO annoying to try to get that thing inflated!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

UNFORTUNATELY, this super-awesome water slide is currently sold out in the stores, but you can watch for it on the Sam’s Club website. You can add it to your list (on the website), and track when they have it in stock.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

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